Jun 11, 2018

Colour with Confidence using Valspar's Trending Colours for this Year

Colour experts at Valspar, have created trending colours for this year that will motivate consumers to use colour in their homes with no fear. The colours are symbolic of hope and promise, the possibility of change ‐ and change is always in.

Instead of one-size-fits-all approach to colour, Valspar offers 12 colours that can accommodate different lifestyles and preferences. Curated thoughtfully from Valspar's endless colour possibilities, they represent trending lifestyle influences from culture, fashion, design and technology. From colours that invoke healing and hygge, to those that spark passion and energy, Valspar's 12 trending colours give consumers the confidence to discover and express their own style.

"Each of these trending colours offers inspiration for your home," says Garry Belfall, Valspar Brand Manager. "Valspar offers endless colour possibilities to give consumers the confidence to paint their walls more often. Changing wall colours is an easy way to stretch your decorating budget and bring design ideas to life."

The Valspar trending colours are available at Lowe's. See below for the full list of colours and how they come to life in a variety of rooms with a variety of techniques.

  • Sky Space 5001-6B
    • A return to analogue. We seek experiences and things we can hold in our hand to feel connected and comforted.
  • In the Red 1007-5A
    • Melding of man and machine. There is a desire to make our machines more human with AI and voice control. As man becomes more automated, we strive to retain our humanity.
  • Cadet Grey 4001-2A
    • JOMO replacing FOMO. There is no fear, only the joy of missing out. Our home is a retreat as we accept our reliance on tech, but seek to re-connect with each other.
  • Tempered Grey 4004-1A
    • Hugs and hygge. Living well and everyday togetherness. Creating moments to savour.
  • Glass Slippers 1003-8A
    • Healing and peace. Looking for a sanctuary for inner peace, holistic healing and spirituality. We draw from a mix of eastern and western influences to find our balance.
  • Emerald Ice 7004-7
    • Mono-tasking. Moving away from the "always on" we need a singularity of focus on what's most important, escaping a multi-tasking world.
  • Roman Ornament 3009-3
    • The real thing. Natural is preferred over synthetic. Food and fashion lead the way in eliminating artificial products and dyes.
  • Porch Step 3011-9
    • Dig in. A resurgence in gardening and the nurturing of nature. It feeds our need to grow and provide ‐ and respect our planet.
  • Deep Rose 2001-3A
    • Quest for our best. We are all about self-optimization and looking for ways to monitor and improve on our progress.
  • Favourite Green 5011-4
    • Well-traveled. We are explorers, not tourists ‐ and we travel with a purpose. We are looking for meaningful experiences at home and away.
  • Indigo Cloth 4009-7
    • New luxury is all about access. We want knowledge, experiences and culture. Belonging to something special.
  • So Long Shadow 1004-3B
    • Free to Be. The power that is achieved by being true to yourself. It is the strength of femininity that we are embracing.

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