Beautifying and Protecting What Matters to You

As the fifth largest North American manufacturer of paints and coatings, we understand what it takes to make a truly great product. For over 200 years, Valspar's innovative coatings have consistently delivered superior results for professionals and do-it-yourselfers around the world; in addition, they have enhanced iconic buildings and the brand identities of some of the world's best-known brands.

Performance is everything in our business, and our products have been tested-and trusted-by some pretty impressive fans. Our colours can be found on Coca-Cola soda cans, John Deere tractors and Yamaha grand pianos. They can also be seen on such famous buildings as the Hong Kong Convention Center and historic sites preserved by the National Trust for Historic Preservation®.

And the list goes on.

Our reputation for quality and ingenuity began a long time ago, when in 1906 our breakthrough spar varnish product-Valspar varnish-surpassed all others in performance and was selected for use by:

  • Admiral Robert Peary, on his famous expedition to the North Pole in 1909
  • Charles Lindbergh, on his maiden voyage aboard the Spirit of St. Louis, from New York to Paris, in 1927
  • The tall sailing ships that crossed the oceans and seas between continents
  • The United States Military during World War I

This steadfast commitment to continually explore new and better solutions and to take even the toughest challenges head on continues to this day.

In the world of paint, the breadth and depth of our colour collection is unsurpassed in the marketplace- we offer more than 3,000 colours, which includes the colour stories of such iconic brands as Eddie Bauer®, Laura Ashley®, Waverly® and the National Trust for Historic Preservation®.

At Valspar, our approach to colour is grounded in the belief that colour is an expression; our customers are always looking for the right colour, the latest trend or the best match that reflects the mood or feeling they want to create-and we make it our mission to deliver it. We also stand committed to help them achieve professional-looking results, every time they paint. All Valspar paints, of course, carry a 100% guarantee; we stand behind what we make.