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Valspar® Fast Prep
All-in-One Concrete Cleaner
  • Cleans, degreases and etches in one easy step
  • Prepares concrete for maximum coating adhesion and durability
  • Helps prevent peeling
  • Safer and easier to use than muriatic acid
Valspar Fast Prep All-in-One Concrete Cleaner is the first step in most Valspar floor coatings' projects. Fast Prep cleans, degreases, and etches in one easy step. This product is essential to the preparation of the concrete surface in order to extend the life of the coating, to provide maximum durability, and to allow the coating to bond tightly to the surface.
Where To Use

Bare, uncoated concrete

Approximately 0.61 sq m/litre
Preparing Your Surfaces

Surface must be free of loose dirt, dust, leaves,
dried paint, or other debris. Use a stiff bristle
brush to sweep floor. Clean out cracks and
corners where dirt and other debris may be
embedded or hard to reach. Tip: Use a leaf
blower after sweeping to blow any excess dust or
dirt off surface.

Read label directions and cautions thoroughly before using this product. Do not breathe vapours. Use only with adequate ventilation. Prevent the buildup of vapours by opening all windows and doors to achieve cross-ventilation.
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Valspar® Garage Floor Coating
  • Extreme Epoxy Formula
  • Longer working time for easy application
  • 2x stronger adhesion than leading competitors
  • Durable, protective finish
  • Protects against damage from hot tires, gasoline, oil, scuffs, wear and tear
  • Topcoat with Valspar Premium Clear Coating for added protection and a high-gloss showroom finish
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