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Valspar® Interior Latex
Colour-Changing Ceiling Paint
  • Disappearing Purple - goes on purple, dries ultra white
  • Maximizes light in any room
  • Super-flat finish conceals flaws in one coat
  • Spatter-resistant formula glides on with ease
  • Super-flat finish -no glossy glare
  • Low odour, low VOC
  • Lifetime warranty
Painting a ceiling is a challenging job. Never miss a spot with Valspar Colour Changing Ceiling Paint and Disappearing Purple technology. It goes on a light purple colour so you can see what you've covered. It then dries to an ultra white, super flat finish with no glossy glare maximizing the light in any room and concealing flaws in one coat.
Where To Use

Properly prepared, durable, interior textured or plain ceiling surfaces. Previously painted and primed plaster, drywall and acoustical tile

Covers up to 37 m2 per 3.78 L (400 sq. ft. per gallon). Coverage will be significantly less on rough, textured surfaces or acoustical tile. Thin only for spray application with up to 236 mL per 3.78 L of paint (8 oz. of water per gallon).
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