Exterior Painting Basics
What you'll need:
Here's everything you'll need to get it right the first time.
  • Paint brushes, rollers, and/or edge pads
  • Trim brushes
  • Foam pad
  • Edge rollers

Always paint when the weather is warm and dry. Monitor the weather forecast before you paint. You must start with a dry surface, and you must also allow time for your fresh paint to dry. Avoid painting in bright sunlight as the paint will dry too quickly, producing unsightly seams.
Painting Clapboard with a Pad
1. Paint the bottom edges of each siding board with long smooth strokes.
2. Then load the whole pad with paint and pull the pad along the length of the board. Smooth out overlapping areas as you paint. Starting at the top and working your way down, smooth out overlapping areas with the pad to avoid a seam. Work quickly. If the paint dries before you smooth out the edges your seams will show.
Painting Clapboard with an Airless Sprayer
1. Hold your spray gun on its side and cover the bottom edges of each individual clapboard
2. Then hold your sprayer upright and paint along the length of each board surface with overlapping parallel strokes. Work quickly. You want to achieve a smooth even surface before the first spray strokes dry.
Use sprayers with caution about safety procedures and follow all manufacturers' recommendations.
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